TEFL Research

Thesis in TEFL (Year 2017 - 2006) Click Here

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The theses being conducted were varied in terms of :

  • The language skills
  • The levels of students focusing on
  • The point of learning and teaching (focusing on the teachers or students)
  • The type of treatment (developing the instructional process, developing a course)
  • The research design (quantitative, qualitative, mixed method, R&D)
The key words being approached so far included :
  • Communicative English Activities,
  • Web-based English reading instruction,
  • Reading Instruction based on multiple Intelligences Theory,
  • Media-based instruction,
  • Varieties of English accents,
  • Team-based learning approach,
  • Willingness to communicate,
  • Task-based English reading instruction,
  • Self-directed learning,
  • English language counseling program,
  • Inquiry-based English reading instruction,
  • Drama-based instruction,
  • Local culture content instruction,
  • Teacher’s understanding and implementation of task-based instruction 


Teaching English As Foreign Language (TEFL)

Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University