M.Ed. in TEFL Plan C: Coursework and Comprehensive Exam

Plan C: Students are required to take 33 credit hours of courses and conduct a three-credit hour of research-based master project. Parts of the master project must be published in an academic journal. In addition, the students in Plan C must pass a comprehensive exam as a requirement for graduation. 


Comprehensive Exam :

Students in Plan C can enroll in a comprehensive exam after taking all four required courses by the program and must pass the exam before graduation. Students who receive a U must apply for re-examination within the subsequent semester. If the second examination results in another U, the student’s status as a graduate student shall be terminated. The tentative schedule for the comprehensive exam is as follows:

Master Project : 

  • A project is similar to a thesis. It too involves a supervised independent endeavor that is built on an explicit theoretical foundation. 
  • A project, however, is more focused on the application of theory. 
  • Generally a project will include a product.  This product will usually be accompanied by a bound document describing the theoretical basis upon which the product is built.
  • In addition, the document will describe, in summarized fashion, the development process.  When appropriate it will include a report of trial testing, with result and implication. 
  • Advisor will assist in selecting appropriate procedures, standards, and format.

Teaching English As Foreign Language (TEFL)

Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University