M.Ed. in TEFL Plan B: Thesis and coursework 

Plan B : Students are required to take 36 credit hours of courses and conduct a thesis. Parts of the thesis must be published in an academic peer-reviewed journal or presented to an academic conference that produces complete proceedings afterwards.


  • A student electing to complete a thesis will be involved in a supervised independent inquiry.
  • This will involve constructing knowledge, providing enhanced understanding, or further illuminating the theory upon which the inquiry is built.
  • The advisor will assist in selecting appropriate procedures, standards, and formats for conducting and reporting the investigation so that it conforms to accepted practices in academic research within the discipline. 
        A thesis explores one or more questions or test a hypothesis. It is important that the thesis be conceptualized and structured so that the following aspects are explicit:
  1.  A problem or question being pursued.
  2.  The theoretical base or literature within which the question has been framed.
  3.  The process or method of investigation.
  4.  Findings or observations.
  5.  Conclusions.

Teaching English As Foreign Language (TEFL)

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