Curriculum Structure

The Master of Education Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language offers three plans of study as follows:

Plan A : Students are required to conduct a thesis with no coursework requirements. Some students may be required by the program committee to take some courses as non-credit courses (using S/U evaluation criteria) if needed for their research purposes.

Plan B : Students are required to take 36 credit hours of courses and conduct a thesis. Parts of the thesis must be published in an academic peer-reviewed journal or presented to an academic conference that produces complete proceedings afterwards.

Plan C : Students are required to take 33 credit hours of courses and conduct a three-credit hour of research-based master project. Parts of the master project must be published in an academic journal. In addition, the students in Plan C must pass a comprehensive exam as a requirement for graduation. 

Teaching English As Foreign Language (TEFL)

Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University